How to attach a semi flex solar panel without drilling

We have a semi flex solar panel on top of the van. This is different to a typical rigid solar panel as it can bend with the general curve of the roof. I assume this would also be beneficial on a boat too, but I’ve no experience of that. To attach a semi flex panelContinue reading “How to attach a semi flex solar panel without drilling”

Adding campervan windows to a Renault Master

When we got our Renault Master it was a standard panel van with no windows in the back. As part of our conversion we wanted to add windows to the living area. We chose to add them just behind the driver’s seat and on the sliding door. There are loads of kinds of campervan windows,Continue reading “Adding campervan windows to a Renault Master”

Reading material for getting started on a campervan conversion

Before we started converting the van, even looking for a van to buy, we read up a bit and this is something that continued throughout the build. Honestly, the internet is full of advice, absolutely loads of it (and hopefully we shall be adding some here). Whatever you are looking for you can Google it.Continue reading “Reading material for getting started on a campervan conversion”