Reading material for getting started on a campervan conversion

Before we started converting the van, even looking for a van to buy, we read up a bit and this is something that continued throughout the build.

Honestly, the internet is full of advice, absolutely loads of it (and hopefully we shall be adding some here). Whatever you are looking for you can Google it. I’d recommend watching a good few Youtube videos and read through the forums.

One of the problems though is that you don’t know what to Google for! This is especially true if you haven’t done a campervan conversion before. With this in mind there is a book that we’ve found essential both before the build but also through the build. It’s called Self Build Campervan Conversions – A guide to converting everyday vehicles into campervans & motorhomes by Kenny Biggin (see here (USA link) or here (UK link)). We actually bought a physical copy of it (rather than a Kindle book) so we could have it around the van as we worked on it. The book is kinda an idiot’s guide to converting a van, but importantly it covered enough information to get us confident to get going. As you get deeper into the build you’ll then find yourself Googling for specifics, but this book really got the ball rolling and covers quite a lot that you’ll need.

On the electrical front (we’ll be posting more about this as we go along) we can also recommend the ebook Off Grid & Solar Electrical Systems (see here).

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